We invite applications for stalls from individuals, non-hierarchical groups and campaigns, grassroots unions, independent and non-commercial booksellers, publishers and distributors. Priority will be given to those active in class struggle, antifascism, anti-oppression, environmentalism and mutual aid.

Stalls are £10 each, for two small tables or one large one, in the main hall on the ground floor. In the unlikely event that we have any spare tables we’ll do our best to share them out on the basis of need. Setup from 9:30, open to public at 10:30. The hall must be cleared by 18:00 so we can set up for the gig, which starts at 19:00, the garden must be vacated by 20:00.

There are a limited number of parking spaces at the venue for stallholders, please reserve if you need one, priority will go to the disabled then those from out of the area. There is some street parking nearby.

Booking forms

The following groups have booked stalls:

Berkshire Antifa

Berkshire antifascists are a grassroots, autonomous collective dedicated to resisting fascism in all forms. The funds raised by the selling of our unique merchandise, as well as raising awareness for the cause, will contribute to the travel, prisoner support and various other expenses involved in resisting the far right.

Anarchist Federation

A federation of groups and individuals across the British Isles fighting against Capitalism, Patriarchy, the State, Fascism and all other forms of oppression. For a free and equal society, for Anarchism.

Bristol Antifascists


Critisticuffs is a Marxist group engaged in critiquing capital, the nation and the corresponding social relations and ideologies. We’ll be distributing the associated “kittens” journal at the bookfair and a couple of other texts we published.

Dorset Peoples Assembly Against Austerity

Comprising grassroots campaign organisations, community groups and trade unionists united against cuts and privatisation of public, community and welfare services. We are committed to social justice, open non-sectarian working and linked to no political party. Since 2013 we have continued to form and strengthen links with anti-austerity, environmental, anti-war and pro-diversity organisations. Our monthly meetings, actions & events are open to all.

Industrial Workers of the World Dorset

The I.W.W. is a global union for all workers, seeking economic democracy and environmental sustainability through a fair distribution of resources and effort. In the meantime we fight for better conditions today, and demand respect for all workers using direct action and solidarity. Along the way, we have had many small victories against wage theft and victimisation simply by saying: “you can’t do that”.

Unlike trade unions we organise the worker not the job, so you can carry the union with you in and out of work, but members of other unions are welcome to join the I.W.W. as well. We are not linked to any political party or movement. We organise as we wish to live, all officers are unpaid volunteers directly elected by the membership and no one’s opinion counts more or less than any other, there are no leaders and there is no career ladder to climb.

Just Press

Just Press is an unusual publishing initiative. We offer books, DVDs, art works and lectures/exhibitions that provide a platform for exchange between different generations and interests.

Our original works honour unconventional creativity and unsung aspects of human experience. In areas including history, religion, theatre, health, politics, art, poetry and fiction, we celebrate the unorthodox. Email

Kebele Infoshop

Collective from Kebele Social Centre Bristol. Radical books, stickers, t-shirts and zines.

Moral Decay (distro)

Smash IPP:

Sunflower Therapies and Training:

Seated Chair Massage is a clothed therapy and involves massage of the  back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands,and finishing with a relaxing head massage.

Seated Chair Massage does not involve the use of any oils,and is done in an ordinary chair.

Seated Chair Massage is good for relieving stress and anxiety, and may improve mood and sleep.This therapy produces a feeling of deep relaxation, and helps to improve general health and wellbeing. It is used alongside conventional care in hospices,hospitals,and other healthcare settings.

Swindon Rebel Books:

A selection of the best rebel books covering everything from trade unionism to feminism, anti-capitalism, anti-fascism and more. Also bringing you up-to-date leaflets, materials and campaign info from the world of workers struggles.

Wessex Solidarity: South Coast Free Radicals

An affinity group for those in our region with an interest in anarchism, syndicalism or direct action, who share our goal of building a stateless, classless society around the principles of libertarian socialism.

Class struggle anarchism has never been more relevant or credible, owing to the abject failure of capitalism and representative democracy, or state ‘communist’ bureaucracies to meet the needs of the people. Surely now every other ideology is discredited. We aim to promote our ideas by constantly challenging the narrative of governments and the corporate media.

Our emphasis is on supporting workers’ struggles locally and globally, fighting inequality, oppression and fascism.