In defence of working class existence as choice

Angry Workers of the World


We read and reviewed David Ranney’s “Living and dying on the factory floor”, which was about his decision to put his academic career on hold and his subsequent experiences as a factory worker. [1] The following thoughts relate to this decision, which used to be widespread within the left. Today taking on working class jobs for political reasons is either ridiculed as an artefact of political militancy or criticised as a potentially manipulative act of privileged and educated middle-class politicos who try to convert the workers.

I want to look at my own decision to remain a low-paid manual worker from various angles. The text is not strictly biographical, but looking at the subjective side of the decision is personal. It is not an account of experiences in five dozen or so jobs, although it contains descriptions. The text is not a ‘salting’ or organising manual, it looks more broadly…

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Heckler No.6 underway

Distribution of the Heckler No.5 is scheduled to be completed by or on Saturday February 8th. Meanwhile, work is already underway on Heckler No.6 which will be getting distributed from the end of February and going through March. Let us explain what will be happening with this issue…

In terms of deciding on the theme and content of the paper, basically after the following, the decision was pretty much made for us:) It’s about the sham that’s local ‘democracy’ starting with: Do the honourable thing – stand down and call a by-election going onto this: Seriously, what is the feckin’ point of voting in local elections?and this: This is what the Tory ruling group on Thurrock Council look like… and finally concluding with this: The battle over who actually runs Thurrock Council.

The only problem we have is that we can only afford to produce a four page paper…

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Dave Smith’s Guide to Organising: Hazards Magazine.

Hazards Magazine
1. Using flower power at work
2. A walk in the park
3. If you want to win, you better listen
4. Blocking roads and turning a corner
5. Getting bugged by hot desking
6. Something for the weekend

7. Find a friend
8. Just ask what workers want
9. You gotta fight for your right to safety
10. Imagine you’re a tree
11. How to stress test your workplace
12. Unreasonable behaviour
13. Check your make up
14. Pilot study
Hazards webpages
Organising Union effect


This was first published on the Save Our Libraries Essex Facebook page

Hundreds have joined protests across Essex in SOLE’s ‘save our librarians – no closure plan by stealth’ day of action yesterday (Saturday 25th January). In Chelmsford nearly two-hundred people joined a march through the High Street and a rally in Half Moon Square, where they heard from local political leaders, representatives of Save Broomfield Library and Save Galleywood Library campaigns, Chelmsford Extinction Rebellion, and Saint John Payne Headteacher Tom Coen. In Colchester a flash mob was held in the main library, followed by a rally in Trinity Square. Manningtree campaigners staged ‘SOUL Mates’ in the town’s Methodist Church, and heard poetry readings and live music. Meanwhile hundreds of signatures were collected at stalls outside Hadleigh and Harlow libraries, and campaigners leafleted in Shenfield Broadway. Across Essex around two-thousand signatures were collected for the ‘save our librarians – no…

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Angry Workers / Ugh! / T-Bitch Friday 3rd April Bournemouth.

Socialist realism.

Friday 3rd April 7 pm Presentation and discussion by West London’s Angry Workers Collective on their experiences of organising chiefly migrant workers in the warehouse/retail/food sector over the last 6 years.

Followed by: From 9 pm a benefit gig for the bookfair featuring Ugh! and T-Bitch Theatrical, anarchic comedy punk you will never forget! Bar until 2 am.

The Four Horsemen Pub 77-79 Commercial Rd Bournemouth Dorset BH2 5RT. Suggested donation £4 on the door


This is from the Save Our Libraries Essex (SOLE) Facebook page

Campaigners slam Essex County Council for continuing secrecy on takeovers – Council pledged to reveal library bidders ‘within three months’ back in August

From Harlow in south-west Essex to Manningree in the north-east of the county, library campaigners are staging an Essex wide day of action this Saturday (25th January). The libraries campaign SOLE last year successfully prevented the imminent closure of a third of libraries in Essex, but claim the revised proposals amount to a ‘closure plan by stealth’ for local libraries. In Chelmsford a demonstration will be held from midday to 1pm in the High Street (near Lloyds), which will be addressed by the Headteacher of Saint John Payne Catholic School Tom Coen, the deputy leader of Chelmsford City Council Marie Goldman, and local library campaigners. In Colchester protesters will gather outside Colchester Library in Trinity Square…

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4th Annual Derry Radical Bookfair 2020


RBposter2020On Saturday 1st February 2020, Pilots Row Community Centre will host to the 4th annual Radical Bookfair at it’s Rossville Street home in Derry.

Organisers of the annual community project have confirmed that the Bogside venue will host one of the largest number of independent radical press, book sellers, publishers and distributors from the length of Ireland with participants travelling from Scotland, England and Wales for the one day event.

A spokesperson for the Derry Radical Bookfair said “We are delighted to once again confirm that we are able to add the Derry Radical Bookfair to the city’s political calendar after previous successful book fairs. The day long event receives a fantastic response to from the city itself and across the northwest as it is able to provide easy access literature not normally found in usual bookshops and outlets. The radical book fair is an important event which gives a great opportunity to independent booksellers and…

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