Letter from Sven from Prison

Bristol Anarchist Black Cross - Prisoner Support

Dear friends,

First of all, I want to thank everyone for all the support I’ve received so far since I got sentenced in January. It is a great feeling to finally get on with my life after having to wait 6 years, although I’m in prison I try to make the best of it.

All the post I receive really makes my day and keeps me connected to the outside. I’ve still got a big pile of letters to reply to, so be patient if you haven’t heard back yet. I’m keeping my days organised and busy. I do art classes four days a week. And I’m really enjoying learning to draw and paint. The rest of my time I spend reading, replying to letters, doing in-cell workouts, yoga and meditation. They run a weekly yoga class in prison which is great. Last week, I finally received all my course…

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We have searched in vain for decades for any hint of the whereabouts of Tom Browns unpublished memoirs, to no avail. They were loaned to a local student to use parts for her thesis, and apparently, after Toms death, his partner Lillian Brown wasnt interested in their return.

“Tom Brown, whose writings did much to revive interest in Syndicalism
and Workers’ Control, was that rare phenomenon in the British libertarian
movement, a theoretician whose ideas had been tested and developed by
his own experience in the hard school or working-class struggle.
An able and persuasive public speaker, whether at Speakers’ Corner in
Hyde Park, at indoor meetings, or in the more intimate role of lecturer, he
had the happy knack of relating what he said to the everyday experience of
his audience. The same quality illuminated his writings, which mirrored the
life and times or this lifelong revolutionary and loyal…

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Call out for meetings!

There are still slots left for talks, presentations, workshops and discussions. We’ve had a couple pull out for personal reasons. We’re sorry not to be hosting Eric Laursen or South Essex Radical Media this year but that leaves room for you! Get in touch with your ideas please.

Please send us a brief description of what you’d like to do, anything you would need, and a summary for the programme. Our e-mail address is dorsetbookfair@riseup.net

Standard slots will be one hour, you’ll need to allow a couple of minutes each side for change over.

Women in Poland; Putting them back into the story of the Solidarity Movement.

lipstick socialist

solidarity-according-to-women SOLIDARITY ACCORDING TO WOMEN

In 1981 riots broke out in Moss Side where I lived. It reflected the oppression experienced by the Afro-Caribbean  people in that area; that they were discriminated against in housing, education and employment.

After the riots, people like me –  a student living locally -joined the Moss Side Defence Committee. We raised money to support the many young people who had been given harsh sentences for sometimes taking part in the riots and sometimes for just being in the area.

One of the fundraising events was a social held in Hulme Labour Club and that night the actor  Anthony Booth (actor) showcased his new band “Putsch”. They came on the stage dressed in paramilitary outfits and sang songs about the new free trade union in Poland called Solidarity that had challenged the Communist state.

Manchester’s trade union politics at that time were still dominated by…

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We’re moving…

The South Essex Stirrer - Archive

This blog was born out of a series of misunderstandings in the early stages of building for the Southend Radical Fair, held in May 2017, that led us to pulling out of organising the event. These led us to conclude we had to scrub the predecessor of this blog, the South Essex Heckler, which was closely associated with the early stages of building the fair and start anew with this blog. The problem was that alongside this, we also started two other blogs – The Estuary Alternative and On Uncertain Ground. All had their specific functions but to be honest, it was a bit messy and many people looking at our range of blogs were, quite rightly, left wondering exactly what we were about. Also, this blog had been straying from it’s original remit, thereby adding to the confusion.

The Estuary Alternative (on a separate platform to this one) has…

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Book Launch. ‘Your Freedom and Mine: Abdullah Öcalan and the Kurdish Question in Erdoğan’s Turkey’. 11th July SOAS

Wessex Solidarity

“Only free men can negotiate. Prisoners cannot enter into contracts… I cannot and will not give any undertaking at a time when I and you, the people, are not free. Your freedom and mine cannot be separated.”

—Nelson Mandela during his imprisonment, 10 February 1985

Join Black Rose Books, Peace in Kurdistan, Kurdistan National Congress UK, Kurdish People’s Assembly in Britain, Freedom for Ocalan Campaign – UK for a special event marking the release of Your Freedom and Mine: Abdullah Öcalan and the Kurdish Question in Erdoğan’s Turkey Edited by Dr Thomas Jeffrey Miley and Dr Federico Venturini.

Wednesday, 11 July, 6.30 – 8.30pm at SOAS, Russell Square, College Main Building, Room DLT, WC1H 0XG Register for the free event here:

A solidarity donation of £2 is suggested to help cover our costs. Copies of the book will be available for half price! £12.50 Paper back

Speakers include: Dimitrios…

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