‘Reclaiming Pride’ Presentation and discussion, Bournemouth 5th March 2020


Popular talk from 2019 Bookfair presented by Paul Haw at The Four Horsemen Pub 77-79 Commercial Rd Bournemouth Dorset BH2 5RT. Suggested donation £4 on the door. 7 for 7:30 p.m. 5th March 2020. Discussion afterwards. facebook event

Paul is a volunteer youth worker, campaigner on LGBTQ+ and disability issues, and Branch Secretary of Dorset IWW.

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Angry Workers / Ugh! / T-Bitch Friday 3rd April Bournemouth.

Socialist realism.

Friday 3rd April 7 pm Presentation and discussion by West London’s Angry Workers Collective on their experiences of organising chiefly migrant workers in the warehouse/retail/food sector over the last 6 years.

Followed by: From 9 pm a benefit gig for the bookfair featuring Ugh! and T-Bitch Theatrical, anarchic comedy punk you will never forget! Bar until 2 am.

The Four Horsemen Pub 77-79 Commercial Rd Bournemouth Dorset BH2 5RT. Suggested donation £4 on the door

Fundraiser for Newcastle Ewan Brown Anarchist Bookfair

Can you help our comrades in the North East?


We are raising money for the Newcastle Ewan Brown Anarchist Bookfair which is taking place on the 9th of May 2020. Ewan was a comrade to many across the North East and even across the globe. We are hoping to have a great bookfair that Ewan would have been proud of… Let’s make it a good one. We are hoping to raise money to cover the costs of the bookfair. Anarchist Bookfairs sadly cost a lot, so anything anyone can contribute would be a huge help. The funds will be going towards accessibility, printing, travel, food, signage, and any other hidden costs that we will inevitably run into.



Weʼre raising £5,000 to support the Bromley library workers in their strike


I’m a supporter of the Bromley library strike, and I’d like to ask for your help if you can give it.

Since June 6th, the library workers across Bromley Borough’s library service have been engaged in all-out strike action in response to the mismanagement and running down of their workplaces. Greenwich Leisure Limited, the company responsible for the library service, have put the whole library network at risk. They’ve deliberately understaffed these libraries, forced new joiners onto weak and exploitative contracts, made junior staff take on responsibility for tasks they simply aren’t trained for, and refused to listen when Unite the Union came to them with their concerns about these goings-on.

Now, as a final insult, GLL have told the workforce that they’ll be cutting up to half of the jobs currently in existence in the library network in order to “restructure” the service. All of this is why the workers voted to go out on indefinite strike. The price of not fighting back would be to watch as the libraries, and the vital services they offer to Bromley, are run down and destroyed so that GLL can pay their executive staff bigger paychecks.

That’s why the library staff need your help to continue the fight and see it through to victory. Your donations and your solidarity will give them the money they need to feed their families while they’re out, but it will also do something more – it will show them that people see how important their struggle is, and that they don’t stand alone in defending the libraries from these attacks.

The stakes are high; if GLL succeed in gutting the libraries here then other companies will follow suit elsewhere in the country, and a once-proud public service will be destroyed for good. With your help, the Bromley library strike can draw a line in the sand and defend library services all over the country, not just in our borough.