Unquiet graves film screening Bournemouth 6th February

The first of a monthly series of events to raise the profile of, and funds for DRB 2020. The Four Horsemen Pub, 77-79 Commercial Rd Bournemouth BH2 5RT 7 for 7:30 p.m. Discussion afterwards. facebook event

Bookfair 2020 – an update

Bookfair 2020

On the 10th of August we held out first organisation meeting in the heart of London. It was attended by a number of Anarchists from diverse backgrounds with various fields of interest. The majority of whom had decided to help organise the bookfair after reading our launch statement. Our primary order a business was to discuss the nature of the bookfair, tho we have fourteen months to go we wanted to make it clear the foundations on which everything else would be built upon, these are;[] We want bookfair to be diverse and inclusive; we will make a point of inviting black and minority ethic networks as well as those with a focus on queer identity, sex work and other issues which sometimes take a back foot at these events. […]


The Importance of Print Media : And the Digital Censorship to Come.


Since 2017, we’ve distributed 50,000 stickers proclaiming “Immigrants Welcome.” Now, thanks in part to your support, we have printed 50,000 more copies. You can order them here for the costs of production and delivery alone.

In a time when digital media is the dominant form of communication, we remain passionately committed to print media and other forms of communication that intervene in the offline world. It is catastrophic that massive technology companies control so many of the channels through which we communicate with one another. While we acknowledge the importance of utilizing these channels, we recognize that it puts us in an extremely vulnerable position to depend on state-regulated capitalist institutions for our access to each other.

Already this year, we’ve seen several of our posts removed from social media sites on the pretext


The Electoral Road to Power?


Black Rose/Rosa Negra Anarchist Federation

As the left revisits questions of strategy and the role of elections in the path towards socialist transformation, author and veteran activist Tom Wetzel outlines both a critique of the electoral centered path and a strategy for working class power from below.

By Tom Wetzel

Could a shift from capitalism to socialism be brought about through electoral politics? Ever since the origins of the modern socialist left in the late 1800s, many socialists have viewed the politics of parties and elections as a way they can insert themselves into history — forming a core component of their strategy.

In the World War I era the American Socialist Party (SPA) had gained a hundred thousand members and elected more than a thousand government officials — mayors, members of city councils and state legislators. By the mid-20th century “democratic socialism” had been coined as a kind of political brand to refer to the tradition of the socialists oriented to electoral politics as a strategy for social change.

The “democratic socialist” label was partly meant to show their defense of the systems of “representative democracy” and liberal values in western Europe, North America and elsewhere. This was combined with critiques of the repressive and undemocratic nature of the “communist camp” countries of the mid-20th century — the Soviet Union, Castro’s Cuba, Communist China. This defense of “representative democracy” is tied in with their basic strategy of working to gain political power through elections.

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US abortion bills are an attack on working class women

Anarchist Communist Group (ACG)

Alabama has passed the most restrictive abortion ban in the USA. The ban does not include exceptions for rape and incest with pregnant rape victims forced to carry their pregnancies to term. Doctors who perform the procedure will face up to 99 years in prison.

This follows similar bills passed in Ohio and Mississippi with the only exceptions being to avoid a serious health risk to the unborn child’s mother, if the “unborn child has a lethal anomaly and if the woman has an ectopic pregnancy.

The bill doesn’t take effect until November and in the meantime the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) has issued a legal challenge to the bill.

In other parts of the U.S where their have been legal challenges their have been some small victories with judges in Utah, Iowa and Kentucky stopping the bills from becoming law.

Thousands have demonstrated against the abortion bill with 500 demonstrations occurring across all 50 states. However the main groups organising these demos, Planned Parenthood, the Women’s March, the National Association For the Repeal of Abortion Laws (NARAL), Pro-Choice America and the ACLU itself, have strong links to the Democratic Party.

The ACLU has a questionable history linked to their unfaltering belief in the freedom of speech, including to their detriment the defence of pro-Nazi and KKK speakers. At times the ACLU has aligned itself and been organised by pro-Soviet supporters of the Communist Party and found itself persecuted for doing so during the Red Scare era.

No one should be told what they can and can’t do with their body by the state.

Anti-abortion law disproportionally affects the working classes – travelling to another state to receive an abortion requires access to transport and money to fund the procedure.

It’s up to the working class to head the resistance for themselves, the working class cannot rely on the Democrats who have ambiguous positions on abortion and will turn their backs the minute they feel the wind is blowing in a different direction. Trump is making anti-abortion a key plank in the forthcoming Presidential campaign, which suggests this attack on women’s rights is the first of many to come. Against this must be advanced the demand for free abortion and free access to contraceptives and birth control.

The “pro-life” right are often the same patriots who are happy to send people as young as 18 years old to fight and die for their country. The same Republican supporters who want to cut what little welfare support there is for mothers and struggling families.

The Yellowhammer Fund exists to provide access to abortions and to build power for women in Alabama. They will be working tirelessly to support as many women as possible before November, when the anti abortion bill may become enshrined in Alabama State Law.

Their website can be found www.yellowhammerfund.org and their twitter is @yellowfund


Who Owns England? Book Launch with Guy Shrubsole. 26 June 2019, Bridport

Wednesday, 26 June 2019 from 19:00-21:00 United Church, 34 East Street, Bridport, DT6 3LJ

Who Owns England? Behind this simple question lies our country’s oldest and best-kept secret.

For centuries, England’s elite have covered up how they got their hands on millions of acres of our land, by constructing walls, burying surveys and more recently, sheltering behind offshore shell companies. But with the dawn of digital mapping and the Freedom of Information Act, it’s becoming increasingly difficult for them to hide.

Trespassing through tightly-guarded country estates, ecologically ravaged grouse moors and empty Mayfair mansions, writer and activist Guy Shrubsole has uncovered a wealth of never-before-seen information about the people who own our land, to create the most comprehensive map of ownership in England that has ever been made public.

Join author and campaigner Guy Shrubsole’s Who Owns England? book launch to understand how we lost our green and pleasant land and how to take it back!

This event is co-organised by Stir to Action and Port East, a co-operative and community business based in Bridport, Dorset.

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