History of the Irish in Britain Representation Group by Patrick Reynolds. Part 2: 1982

lipstick socialist

Patrick Reynolds was one of the founders of IBRG and played a key role in its history. He is now writing up that history and putting it into the context of radical history in Britain and Ireland in the C20th.

1982 saw the early beginnings of building up the branch structure of IBRG,   expanding the organisation and setting out the constitution and structure of the organisation.

On 16 January 1982 the IBRG held its first meeting in Liverpool where Bill Walsh was elected local Chair and Siobhan Sandy as Secretary.

What do you want to do ?

New mailCopOn 16 January 1982 the IBRG held its first meeting in Liverpool where Bill Walsh was elected local Chair and Siobhan Sandy as Secretary.

The Irish Post (1) reported on 23rd January 1982 that IBRG had two functioning branches in Manchester and was planning a meeting for Birmingham and one in London…

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Top of the Crops Free PDF Download

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Do YOU want to grow your own??

Top of the Crops is a low cost, non-nonsense beginners guide to producing fresh and tasty vegetables, herbs and fruit in your own back garden or whatever space is available to you. It contains all you need to know to start you off growing crops that are good for your health, good for your children, good for your community, good for wildlife, good for planet and good for your pocket.

Happy Growing!

One of the many effects of the Corona Virus has been to bring into sharp focus the fragility of our current global food production and distribution systems – shortages and queues in our supermarkets and shops for even basic food items have shown that there is a fundamental need to redesign the way that we feed ourselves and our communities. Part of the solutions-based picture…

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A message from the collective.


We’re still hoping the bookfair will go ahead on the 8th August and you can still reserve a table without payment, pending the final say from the Corn Exchange.

Whatever the toffs may announce or advise in the meantime, we ask participants to wear face coverings (so far as is practical) in the venue, both to minimise risk and to express solidarity with the many anarchists and freedom fighters getting  stuck in right now from the US to the Philippines.

No compulsion, we’ve had enough of that, but if it catches on we might have a competition for the best one.

In Solidarity

DRB Collective

Today in London radical history, 1381: Essex and Kent rebels hold conference at Barking as Peasants’ Revolt gathers pace


past tense

“… Why are those whom we call lords, masters over us? How have they deserved it? By what right do they keep us enslaved? We are all descended from our first parents, Adam and Eve; how then can they say that they are better than us… At the beginning we were all created equal. If God willed that there should be serfs, he would have said so at the beginning of the world. We are formed in Christ’s likeness, and they treat us like animals… They are dressed in velvet and furs, while we wear only cloth. They have wine, and spices and good bread, while we have rye bread and water. They have fine houses and manors, and we have to brave the wind and rain as we toil in the fields. It is by the sweat of our brows that they maintain their high state. We are called…

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Covid-19 and Crisis-20

Industrial Workers of the World Dorset


The world is in the middle of a crisis, a breakdown of the normal functioning of society. The outbreak of a viral contagion has led to the prospect of casualties on the scale of the 1918 flu pandemic. This might seem serious enough, but politicians and policy makers are also worried about another crisis – this time an economic one. This fear is justified. Many businesses are likely to fail, with many more people losing their jobs. Financial analysts predict falls in GDP on a scale worse than the 2008 recession, unemployment is already rising rapidly and nearly 1 million people claimed Universal Credit in the last two weeks. These economic effects of the pandemic are being treated as inevitable consequences, as if they followed natural laws as surely as the replication of a virus. We disagree. A viral pandemic at the scale we are seeing does not have…

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New UK initiative – Founding conference

Angry Workers of the World


For a new UK wide initiative to coordinate strategical debate and local working class practice: www.letsgetrooted.wordpress.com


Dear friends,

Over recent weeks Croydon Solidarity 1, AngryWorkers and other comrades have started a debate about how to intensify our collaboration and make it open for others. 2 This debate was compounded by the Covid-19 crisis around us and encouraged us to pronounce more clearly our need for a new form of working class organisation. This article is written in the spirit of this organisation. It is not a pompous programatic proclamation, but a work schedule, a discussion paper for the next strategic steps.

Our efforts have to be based on a broadly shared understanding of how capitalism works and how to overcome it. We will discuss these general questions, but our organisation will primarily distinguish and thereby open itself to others by concrete work, mutual committment and research. The general…

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Kick over the statues….Colston is going…going…gone By Randell Brantley

Wessex Solidarity

Bristol Radical History Group

Over the last few years in arguments over the commemoration, celebration and memorialisation of slaver-traders we  have been told many times that the so-called ‘traditions’ of Bristol must must be protected. That is code for not changing anything; names of buildings, schools and statues, which are all part of the memorial landscape of Bristol created over the last couple of centuries largely by the merchant and business elite.

Well, there is another great historical tradition in Bristol, that is Bristolians acting together to destroy statues of their oppressors and institutions that oppress them. From the ‘mob’ who put out the eyes of a  prominent slave trader in 1090, the crowds who pulled down the statue of George III in 1813 to those who added the cap of liberty to William III’s statue as fires raged in the Mansion House in Queen Square and the prisons in…

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Advice for avoiding arrest and staying free

Bristol Anarchist Black Cross - Prisoner Support

So after the righteous toppling of Colston’s statue yesterday the police
have said they are investigating footage of Colston’s come down with a
view to making arrests. It may well be, in the context and in view of the
levels of popular support for the action, that they are not actually prepared
to follow through. But we think it’s definitely best to be prepared and take
steps to minimise risk of arrests and court cases. So here’s a few bits of
advice we feel it’s really useful and important to circulate right now to
help keep people safe and free. Please share widely.


For people present or involved in the take down of Colston:

Get rid of clothes (including shoes) you were wearing at the scene.
Don’t brag or gossip about your, or anyone else’s involvement.
Keep all stories and accounts off social media and the internet.
Encourage others…

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For FFS, just don’t!

On Sunday 7th June at a Black Lives Matter protest in Bristol, the statue of the slaver, Edward Colston, ended up taking a long overdue dip into the Floating Harbour, assisted by a large number of understandably gleeful protesters: The toppling of Edward Colston’s statue is not an attack on history. It is history.

We watched a fair bit of footage of this action yesterday and today. We totally understand the elation of the crowd as the statue was toppled and dragged the relatively short distance from where it stood down to the Floating Harbour where it deservedly met its long overdue demise. The problem is that when elation kicks in, caution goes flying out of the window.

Some people may think that the Avon and Somerset plod took the easy option of not intervening to stop the statue being toppled and then dumped. For presentational…

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TAG News Sheet July 1995


Continuing our series of Tyneside Anarchist Group literature, here is the July 1995 News Sheet (PDF link below picture). Issue’s 3 and 4 will follow at a later date, and that is the only copies we have if anyone we know has any missing issues they could donate, lend, or even sell us then that would be great….get in touch.

tag j95

PDF file here…. tag july 95

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