International women’s day 8th March ????  we say respect everyday not just one day. With this in mind we bring you a classic from London, 1985. We lost / loaned out our copy during the 1990,s if anybody local has a replacement they would like to donate…

we share this as we have the PDF file thing for you….  afem85


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IWOC and West-London Solidarity Network meeting to support Feltham youth prisoners

Angry Workers of the World


Together with London IWOC we organise a meeting in Southall to coordinate support and monthly stalls at Feltham youth prison. It’s working class people who suffer most, both from ‘poor on poor’ crime and from imprisonment. More policing and charity is no answer to our problems, but working class solidarity and stronger ties amongst ourselves where we work and live. Only that can break the cycle…

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Event: Gilets Jaunes – an anarchist perspective


London Anarchist Federation

On 22nd March at 7pm (venue TBC) we will be hosting a talk by a member of Les Éditions de Monde Libertaire, the publishing group of the Fédération Anarchiste (France), members of which have been active in the Gilets Jaunes movement. She will discuss the pros and cons of the movement in France as well as the problem of the involvement of the far right.

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Justice for Kevan Thakrar demo at M.O.J. 13th March 2019

Industrial Workers of the World Dorset

On 13th March, the Justice for Kevan Thakrar campaign will demonstrate at the Ministry of Justice to mark the ninth year of Kevan’s solitary confinement in Close Supervision Centres. 

Kevan was first placed in the CSC after suffering an assault by four prison guards in his cell at HMP Frankland in 2010. He defended himself, for which he was charged with attempted murder and GBH. Despite being acquitted of these charges in court, he was sent to a CSC as a punishment and remains in the CSC system to this day, with no indication of when he may leave.

Kevan is regularly held in his cell for 23 hours per day and is prevented from speaking with other prisoners. Numerous studies and papers have pointed out the severe damage solitary confinement can cause for those placed in it. As a 2006 paper in Washington University Journal of Law &…

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Short comments on Mike Davis’ “Old Gods and New Enigmas – Notes on Revolutionary Agency”

Angry Workers of the World


We decided to read and discuss Mike’s text because the question he is asking is a pertinent one: ‘who can become a social force of revolution?’ By looking at what constituted revolutionary agency during the peak-time of working class radicalism between 1870 and 1920, we can perhaps better assess our chances in the present.

We briefly summarise his text and add our comments in [italics]. Here we also add the brief comments of our comrades from Wildcat (Germany) who published an article on Davis’ text in issue 102 (autumn 2018) of their magazine. 

The next text of our class struggle reading group will be Marx’ German Ideology.


Mike Davis opens his text by painting a pretty dismal picture of the global working class today: de-industrialisation in the global north, surplus population in the global south, threat of automation, atomisation of workers within lean production and informal work…

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The Working Class has no country! Solidarity with Brazilian couriers in Dublin.

Industrial Workers of the World Dorset

Borders serve only the bosses, states are cross-class alliances. Away with them!

From IWW Ireland.

Brazilian Deliveroo couriers in Dublin have been leading a campaign against xenophobic attacks and thefts.

All of us who have worked as couriers know the physical dangers we face on a day to day basis. Not only must we navigate urban traffic, often in the dark or adverse conditions, but we have very little control over the areas we travel to, and those of us on bikes and mopeds are continuously physically exposed.

These factors are compounded by inequalities within society around race, nationality, gender, sexuality, age, physical ability, and so on. An area that feels safe to a white man, might not feel so safe to woman of colour, or some may face racial profiling from police or Immigration authorities as they go about their jobs.

On top of this, our work require that…

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