Trespass Journal Issue 3 — Enough is Enough!


We’re glad to finally present Issue 3 of Trespass Journal! Submitted to Enough is Enough. Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only. 773 more words

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Volume 4 Issue 12 — Anathema


Volume 4 Issue 12 (PDF for reading 8.5 x 11) Volume 4 Issue 12 (PDF for printing 11 x 17) In this issue: 2018: Year in Review Challenging Infrastructure Beyond the State What Went Down It’s Robbin’ Season Selling Out the Neighborhood From Cyntoia to Bolsonaro Monkey Wrenches and Black Banners Wendy Trevino Poem

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Zine: “Build the Revolution: Anarcho-Syndicalism in the 21st Century” – Anon. —


Print and reading PDFs can be found here. Many thanks to It’s Going Down, who originally published this zine. Introduction Anarchists are debating anarcho-syndicalism once again. If anarcho-syndicalism is a “ghost”—like some critics are claiming—it has proven extremely hard to exorcise. But it is something very different entirely. The current debate was sparked by “Nothing […]

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Campaigners against library closures were out in force over the weekend as they gear up for a march on County Hall next month. A book raid were held at Prettygate Library in Colchester where hundreds of users took out their maximum entitlement of books. The library users were joined by a number of local councillors: Prettygate library raid gets children talking about their love of books. Meanwhile in Chelmsford campaigners returned to the High Street with a petition and collected over 400 signatures, while a stall was held outside Hockley Library where a book raid is to be staged next Saturday from 10am. These activities occurred after the County Council announced an extension to its consultation sessions, a move proclaimed as a ‘victory for people power’ by the campaign.

‘It is clear Essex County Council has been overwhelmed at its drop-ins, we’ve heard reports of two-hundred or more people turning…

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The Party of Kurdistan’s “Third Revolution”

Kurdistan Solidarity Network


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In her essay “On Revolution”, political theorist Hannah Arendt analyzes and compares the French, American and other revolutions to determine the “outstanding characteristics of the revolutionary spirit”. She recognizes these within the possibility of starting things with a new beginning, as well as in people’s collective action. Arendt is especially concerned with the question of why this “spirit” (Geist) failed to find lasting “institutions” and was lost in the revolutions. Elsewhere, Arendt writes:

“When I say that none of the revolutions which toppled one state-form and replaced it with another, were able to shake the notion of state, I refer to something that I have elaborated in my book on the revolution: since the revolutions of the 18th century, every greater upheaval developed an approach of a state-form, that immediately stemmed from the revolutions themselves, independent from all theories, namely from the experience of collective…

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Talks: The Meaning of Anarchism (Nottingham, 28/02/19 and 04/02/19)


Before giving the details of my forthcoming talks I need to mention a few things. First off, I should mention that I have posted write-ups of my previous two talks in Nottingham – Peter Kropotkin: Science and Syndicalism and The 1848 Revolutions: An Anarchist Perspective – along with an article Propertarianism and Fascism. As noted in the introduction to both the talks, neither are exactly what I said on the day but rather what I had hoped to cover. I’ll leave it to those there to say whether I active that goal or not!

The article is based on a previous blog, and driven in part as a result of my work on A Libertarian Reader. For those who are unaware, propertarianism is what we should call right-wing “libertarianism” – or, as they would have it, “libertarianism.” The Wikipedia entry covers it reasonably well, although it is clearly a bit of a mess given the right-wing appropriation of the word libertarian to describe something the exact opposite of its original usage. I will return to this below, after the meeting details.

The Kropotkin talk was based on one given earlier in the year in Edinburgh (I have not written up my Glasgow talk yet, but I will) and gives a basic overview of both Kropotkin’s contributions to science and anarchist theory. Hopefully that will help combat a few myths as well as make people read Direct Struggle Against Capital and Modern Science and Anarchy.

The second is something I had hoped to do for some time. I had the idea of a collection of some of my articles entitled Anarchy in the Age of Revolution, which would cover the Paris Commune, Russia in 1905 and 1917, Spain, France 1968, Argentina and so on. One revolution which was noticeable in its absence was 1848. Given the impact it had on anarchist theory due to Proudhon’s active participation in it, I knew it had to be covered. So when the Sparrow’s Nest comrades asked me to cover the events as part of their anniversary talks, I jumped at the chance.

I soon discovered that little or nothing had been written on it from an anarchist perspective – basically an essay by George Woodcock from 1948 and the second volume of Murray Bookchin’s The Third Revolution (written as he was breaking from anarchism, it was less useful than you would think – his account of Proudhon is shockingly bad, for example). Bakunin and Kropotkin obviously mention it, but mostly in passing, while Proudhon’s Confessions of a Revolutionary has not been completely translated (some chapters are in Property is Theft!). So I had to hit the books to see what popular organisations developed and indicate their potential, to draw conclusions for today – and that is the point, we study the past to inform our activity today (and to avoid mistakes).

Talking of Proudhon, I should mention that I’ve posted more extracts from Property is Theft! along with a new, complete translation of the final chapter of System of Economic Contradictions. More details – and links – can be found in this blog: David Harvey on Proudhon.

So having mentioned Proudhon, Bakunin and Kropotkin I should give details of the two public meetings next year before giving an update on two of my current projects:

The Meaning of Anarchism, via twelve libertarians

Five Leaves Bookshop, 14a Long Row, Nottingham NG1 2DH

Anarchism is a much misunderstood and much misrepresented theory. Rejecting the chaos of capitalism and statism, it seeks to create the order of libertarian socialism, a free society of free associates. To discover more, please join Iain McKay (author of An Anarchist FAQ) for an exploration of libertarian ideas by means of six male and six female anarchist thinkers and activists.

Over two nights, the lives and ideas of the founding fathers and mothers of anarchism – including Michael Bakunin, Peter Kropotkin, Louise Michel and Emma Goldman – will be discussed and their continuing relevance highlighted.

Week one — Monday, 28th January: 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Founding Fathers, 1840 to 1940: Pierre-Joseph Proudhon; Joseph Dejacques;  Michael Bakunin; Errico Malatesta; Peter Kropotkin; Rudolf Rocker

Week two – Monday, 4th February: 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Founding Mothers, 1840 to 1940; André Léo; Louise Michel; Lucy Parsons; Emma Goldman; Voltairine de Cleyre; Marie-Louis Berneri

£3.00 on the door, including refreshments.

Obviously, others will be mentioned along with various organisations and revolts, but these are the people being talked about in order to give a framework to the talk. And I should state that this topic was not my choice, but rather the bookshop’s. We will see if it works as a format!

Full article: Talks: The Meaning of Anarchism (Nottingham, 28/02/19 and 04/02/19) — Anarcho’s blog

Swedish territory: #Malmö anarchist bookfair 2019 — Enough is Enough!


During the weekend of 8-9 June 2019 it is time for Malmö’s Anarchist Book Fair! If you want to get involved in the process: There will be a prepatory meeting on January 22. Originally published by Gatorna Info. Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people…

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