Santiago’s Anarchist Assembly Publishes First Edition of Newspaper “Guerra de Clases”

Voices in Movement

In early November, in the midst of historic days of protest, Santiago’s Anarchist Assembly presented the first issue of its “Class War” newspaper. You can download it here.

“We are pleased to announce the release of our newspaper during these turbulent times, with the free circulation of 500 copies. “Guerra de Clases” (Class War), is the name of the paper by Santiago’s Anarchist Assembly edited by the group Acracia y Libertad.

“For us, there are only two classes, the oppressed class, which is where we position ourselves, and the oppressor class, who make decisions managing capital, parliamentary politics, and even our own lives. Some say that the class war is old and no longer exists but we do not know in what reality these people live, because for us, in both the past and present, the class war is something that has never ceased. It might not be possible to see a tangible material war since the majority of the world’s oppressed class have not the capacity for a material response against those exercising power. Those in power, they replicate a relentless war against those of us building a new world, far from the logic of the capitalist system, both through individual and collective practice. We can see the war reflected in the repression of resistance movements, we see the war reflected in social inequality, we see the war reflected in the rejection of repression that has been given free rein in the recent times of revolt in different parts of the world.

For the consolidation of the anarchist movement, for the dignity of the people, for the spreading of the idea, for anarchy!

Original in Spanish:

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