Few thoughts on democratic socialism – Introduction to a pamphlet on class struggle under Allende‘s government, Chile 1973

Angry Workers of the World

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We recently listened to Bhaskar Sunkara presenting his new book with the modest title ‘The Socialist Manifesto‘ at Red Emma Bookshop [1] and Novara Media [2].

For various reasons which we’ll talk a bit more about later on, we think that parliamentary politics are a dead-end. But we appreciated Sunkara‘s talk as being one of the most concise presentations of current political positions which propose a parliamentary road to socialism. We appreciate the effort to look for strategies which examine all tools that the working class has in their struggle against exploitation. We can understand the attraction of this type of strategical thinking – instead of clinging to utopias or preaching stale positions the new generation of ‘democratic socialists‘ tries to grapple with what‘s in front of us: a weakened labour movement, a detached social movement, a capitalist crisis, a de-legitimatised political class, the emergence of small-scale and potentially cooperative…

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