Far right ‘Active for Plymouth’ exposed. — Wessex Solidarity

Received tonight from Plymouth Activists:

“Active for Plymouth” is a new far-right group in Plymouth. They act like they’re just a common-sense party run by ordinary people. They are anything but! Their leader is a conspiracy theorist, expelled from his last party for racism. Their secretary has put out hateful campaign material ranting against gypsies. And what’s more, there are concerning links to Plymouth’s extreme right. We’re putting out the truth of what they’re really about, so that no-one gets taken in by their election campaign this month.

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6 thoughts on “Far right ‘Active for Plymouth’ exposed. — Wessex Solidarity

  1. Sadly, Jason Shopland is from my hometown of Plymouth. On the one hand I respect people who give up their time to get involved in local politics and wanting to make a difference; but, he is clearly misguided. His Active for Plymouth FB page is filled with repeated slogans spouting hate-ful divisive nonsense. He has banned me from various social media channels due to the annoyance at actually asking him questions about his “policies”. Thanks for exposing this group further.


  2. David Wildman, you were banned from his pages for being abusive. beeing a teacher in plymouth you should know much better than this. maybe you like to believe post made by a person who hides their id and uses foul words to cause harm and distress for political gain?


    • No, that is a complete lie – I haven’t been abusive at all. Please provide firm evidence of this so-called abuse. Furthermore, I’ve never hidden behind any other alias or name when posting on social media. Again, please provide firm evidence. Also, please provide evidence of the “foul words” I am accused of using.

      Of course, the evidence is completely lacking. Therefore, I will dismiss your words as complete baseless nonsense.


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