My review of “Revolting Women”a new play about Sylvia Pankhurst.

Still waiting for that happy ending.

lipstick socialist

revolting women.png

Mikron Theatre’s new show “Revolting Women” is a  contribution to the commemorations of the extension of the vote to all men and a small group of middle-class women in 1918.  Centre stage is the radical Pankhurst Sylvia who broke with her mother and sister to promote the cause of working class women and men and universal suffrage.

The play concentrates on the period from 1911 to 1918. Sylvia moves to the East End of London and sets up the East End Federation of the WSPU in a shop in Bow,   one of the poorest areas but an area that had a militant working class and  was close to the House of Commons so that they could easily demonstrate there.

sylvia at bow Sylvia speaking in Bow

Sylvia (played by Daisy Ann Fletcher) was the youngest Pankhurst who,  unlike her mother Emmeline and sister Christabel,  believed that it was working class women who should…

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