WorkersWildWest no.6


www6_picWorkersWildWest – Issue 6 / Free newspaper for Greenford, Park Royal, Southall, Heathrow / Nobody’s gonna save us, so let’s look out for each other!


We distribute 2,000 copies of WorkersWildWest at job centres, factories, warehouses and working class housing estates. Would be great if you could give us a hand – please get in touch:

1. This mess we’re in – and is there a way out?
2. Grenfell Tower: No justice, no peace
3. West London Solidarity Network: Update
4. A never ending cycle – Working for Environmental Business Products in Park Royal
5. Heathrow: The Third Runway and Other Blackmails
6. Rebel City Updates
7. Majestic and Waitrose Warehouse Blues from Greenford
8. Report: Working at Noon Southall and Bakkavor Harrow Pizza factory
9. Many faces! – Snapshots from distributing WorkersWildWest
10. Westside Story – Krótka Historia Zachodniego Londynu (Polish)


1. This mess…

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