Careless: Care Work in West London

Angry Workers of the World


What is specific about care work to West London workers? Not a great deal: conditions vary much more widely from specific types of care than they do throughout various regions, with the exception of scale.  I’ve had experience working in a North London scheme for individuals on the autistic spectrum and am employed by a company with 200 members working with seven colleagues and a team leader, responsible for ten individuals with various mental health diagnoses, primarily paranoid schizophrenia. Different terms are used for similar jobs, so it’ll be useful to define these from the start.  There are allied industries, namely, care, social work and support work, which cater for people without acute medical problems (these people would instead be in need of a health worker and most likely seen in a clinic or a hospital). The charges of workers in care and support are referred to in different ways:…

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