America First? Transatlantic conversations on class reality and revolt 

Angry Workers of the World

ferguson-riots.jpegUS / UK Series – What’s this about?

AngryWorkers and friends are holding a series of meetings to get in touch with comrades in the USA to discuss the hot topics of the day.

The left, the right, the front pages and conversations across the globe have been chewing over the election of Trump and what this signifies. This has been echoed over here with the Brexit vote, as well as the recent French election. An ‘anti-establishment’ message combined with ‘protectionist’ promises and anti-immigration propaganda has a significant appeal within the local working class in the UK. We think it would be useful to speak directly with comrades in the States about recent developments in order to understand the similarities and differences. This might also have a mobilising effect on how and where to centre our political activities over here.

Amongst the left, there are two predominant ways to look at…

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