Boycott Workfare at the Bookfair


We’re delighted to announce that Boycott Workfare are planning to join us for the Bookfair and in all confidence have booked a stall up front!

We hope to host one of their excellent workshops on Universal Credit, which has never been more relevant to so many people – this really can happen to anyone now. Don’t miss it.

Anyone needing help with Universal Credit is invited to email

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A message from the collective.



The future is uncertain and August seems a long way off. This is just to let you know the bookfair will go ahead if we still have a venue and enough people to run it.

We understand that people are reluctant to commit 25 quid when they don’t know for sure what’s going to happen to us, or them.

So if you want to reserve a table, go ahead, don’t send us any payment for now. Obviously we need some money up front to make it happen so as we get nearer the time, and have more clarity we will contact you again.

This isn’t “I’ll make my mind up on the day”, but rather “I’ll come if I possibly can”, you are all our comrades and we trust in your goodwill and common sense.

We still have space for talks and meeting suggestions so let us have them.

Meanwhile, look after each other and we wish you well.

In Solidarity

DRB Collective

Why Barnard Castle?

Wessex Solidarity

Reproduced in full from: Craig Murray Please share widely.

UPDATED Dominic Cummings specifically stated now in the press briefing that he had been eager to “get back to work to get vaccine deals through, move regulations aside” and that is why he drove to Barnard Castle to test his eyesight.

Now it may be entirely a coincidence that the place to which he chose to drive for his eyesight test happened to be the site of the major factory of GlaxoSmithKline. It may be an entire coincidence that two days later, on the very day Cummings actually started work back in Downing Street he has stated was “to get vaccine deals through”, GlaxoSmithKline announced an agreement to develop the vaccine.

It is however plainly not crazy to ask the question. This astonishing Twitter pile-on against Clive Lewis for retweeting my piece says something very worrying, when you consider that the…

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My review of “Just Like Tomorrow” (2004) by Faiza Guene

lipstick socialist

What do you want to do ?

New mailCopy

just 2

It is hard to imagine a working class female migrant from the deprived areas of Clayton (Manchester), Glodwick  (Oldham ) or Hyde (Tameside) being offered a book contract. Faiza is from a similar background; North African descent, working class, living in the less glamorous suburbs of Paris. She wrote her first novel at 17 years old, Just like Tomorrow,  which was a massive success.

Faiza writes about her life and her community but she also draws the links with the position of North African people and their colonial situation in France. Her books are angry, funny and direct: opening up a world of discrimination and deprivation but one where people have their own ways of dealing with their circumstances.

In Just like Tomorrow the heroine is 15 year old  Doria.  Her father has returned to Morocco to marry another woman…

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we’re not aiming to organize leftists, we are here to organize the working class.

There are many reasons for this. Some ‘lefties’ just want to be big fish in a small pond and wary of starting anything they can’t control. Some are tied to obsolete ideologies that don’t bear scrutiny.

Organising your own workplace means playing your cards close. Otherwise you’re ‘citizen Smith’ and new starters are warned: “don’t talk to that bloke he’ll get you in trouble” or you’re the one who comes in late every day and has to tread carefully because you’re on your second written warning and up for the next round of redundancies. It’s hard to confront the boss if you’ve been seen poncing drinks off them at the christmas party!

Your best bet is to get a new job and start from scratch.

The Slow Burning Fuse


Too left, not left enough, a leftist loves to “goldilocks” the union. Considering how little these folks do to build power with their coworkers, it often seems like little more than an excuse.
The problem with leftists isn’t always a matter of flaking. Sometimes leftists do get involved, but very disruptively. One member of an IWW campaign at a restaurant recalls that a self-identified anarchist coworker was the most disruptive committee member. He would scream at coworkers for doing the wrong thing, and when asked to debrief after one such incident, simply quit the union and bad-mouthed them behind their backs….
Perhaps thinking that they know it all, leftists sometimes seem least capable of collaborating with their coworkers. One organizer for a mainstream union who is also in the IWW notes that a common pattern with leftists is to “Always, always see political or strategic differences of opinion as very…

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Third comment on corona virus pandemic, from the south of England: The future of our Class. By Mal Content.

Wessex Solidarity

Parts 1 & 2 can be foundhere.

“Always be honest and logical with people who are honest and logical. Do not be either with a system that is neither.”

– Carl Cattermole: The Prison Survival Guide.

This is written as the British government has once again changed the “rules”* for the territory of England. Scotland and Wales will continue to make their own, under the devolved administration, and of course Ireland will have two sets, causing people to scurry back and forth across the border.

* What a stupid idea; no-one ever takes pride in following rules, only in getting around them.

I’m not remotely interested in these changes, which only reflect what people were doing anyway, or what the state found it could not police, with a smattering of pointless detail on precisely under what circumstances people are “allowed” to meet others from outside their “household”* to…

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Heckler online crisis edition No.12

Here’s the 12th online crisis edition of the Heckler

Lockdown restrictions of some kind look set to be norm for months and possibly years to come. That’s unless popular anger against them starts to grow and they get busted by a restive population. Needless to say, we’re doing what we can to, ahem…’stir things up’…

Anyway, until things do get ‘stirred up’, it looks as though we’ll be knocking out online editions of the Heckler for some time to come. Obviously we’re still going to be covering how the COVID-19 crisis evolves and morphs. However, we’re also going to get back throwing the spotlight on local authorities who are hoping the crisis will divert people’s attention away from their iffy dealings and ineptitude…

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History of the Irish in Britain Representation Group by Patrick Reynolds. Part 1:1981

lipstick socialist

Patrick Reynolds was one of the founders of IBRG and played a key role in its history. He is now writing up that history and putting it into the context of radical history in Britain and Ireland in the C20th. This is  the story of the first year of IBRG………….
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New mailCopyPatrick Reynolds was one of the founders of IBRG and played a key role in its history. He is now writing up that history and putting it into the context of radical history in Britain and Ireland in the C20th. This is  the story of the first year of IBRG………….

Pat Reynolds speaking at Bloody Sunday rally Pat speaking at the annual Bloody Sunday March

1981: The Founding of IBRG

1981 was a pivotal In Irish history with the death of ten men on Hunger Strike in Northern Ireland. It led to significant shifts in Irish political history…

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Anathema, a Philadelphia anarchist periodical: Volume 6 Issue 4, May 2020.

Wessex Solidarity

Volume 6 Issue 4 (PDF for reading 8.5×11)

Volume 6 Issue 4 (PDF for printing 11×17)

In this issue:

  • Lockdowns & Incarceration
  • What Went Down
  • Homelessness
  • Resource Extraction Updates
  • The State Of Surveillance
  • Interview With A West Philly Rent Striker
  • When Things Get Rough We Ride Together
  • A Short Timeline Of PA ELF Actions
  • Loving Anarchy (LA)
  • A Quick Rant On COVID
  • Expropriationist Anarchy In Crisis Times
  • Philly Bingo Card
  • Chapter Report Background

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