London anarchist bookfair 28th October 2017



Fascism, the state, and the Battle of Cable Street, 1936.

Wessex Solidarity



The ruling class openly flirted with fascism from the start; with the class system under threat on all sides, it’s easy to see how attractive the idea of obedient, conservative-minded workers marching about in uniforms was to the bosses. In 1920’s Italy, after two years of wildcat strikes, land and factory occupations by socialist and anarchist workers, landowners and industrialists funded Mussolini to recruit a scab army of Blackshirts to evict the workers and break up union meetings. They were supplied with arms and vehicles, the army supported them with training and logistics, and firearms permits were selectively granted to right-wingers. The state relied on the fascists for strike-breaking until they got out of control, then rolled over and asked them to form a government. When the official unions eventually organised armed resistance it was too little, too late.

Fascist tactics have changed little over the years. They set…

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Stop moving the sodding goalposts!

We like naming and shaming councillors …

This is what we’ve written about the Vange ¾ estate over the last few months as part of our commitment to supporting the work of the Vange Hill Community Group

Falling apart…an update:(
Admit it…you need us!
Doing it for ourselves (because no one else will!)
Evading responsibility
The fightback starts now

Basildon & Southend Housing Action – – and now the Vange Hill Community Group have been bending over backwards in trying to encourage residents to put out their rubbish on the right day, correctly sorted and in the right location. Sounds easy doesn’t it? All that’s needed is for Basildon Council to come up with a clear set of guidelines for residents to follow and the problem of uncollected rubbish will be solved once and for all.

Cue manic laughter… FFS, getting blood out of…

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My review of “Hanna Sheehy Skeffington: Suffragette and Sinn Feiner” by Margaret Ward

lipstick socialist


In the 1980s massive changes were taking place in this country. One event was the arrival of 40,000 Irish people each year looking for work. It was not a new occurrence, but the latest in a series  of waves of emigration  underpinned by Britain’s occupation of part of the island of Ireland and the underdevelopment of the south.

At the same time people like me, second generation Irish,  joined progressive organisations such as the Irish in Britain Representation  Group  as I sought a  way to reflect my Irish identity and become part of an Irish community that had a respectable and respected history of struggle to achieve independence for Ireland.

Young women, such as myself,  searched the histories handed over – either orally or in books our parents had in their homes  such as Speeches from the Dock –  for the stories of Irish women who had been active in…

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WorkersWildWest no.6


www6_picWorkersWildWest – Issue 6 / Free newspaper for Greenford, Park Royal, Southall, Heathrow / Nobody’s gonna save us, so let’s look out for each other!


We distribute 2,000 copies of WorkersWildWest at job centres, factories, warehouses and working class housing estates. Would be great if you could give us a hand – please get in touch:

1. This mess we’re in – and is there a way out?
2. Grenfell Tower: No justice, no peace
3. West London Solidarity Network: Update
4. A never ending cycle – Working for Environmental Business Products in Park Royal
5. Heathrow: The Third Runway and Other Blackmails
6. Rebel City Updates
7. Majestic and Waitrose Warehouse Blues from Greenford
8. Report: Working at Noon Southall and Bakkavor Harrow Pizza factory
9. Many faces! – Snapshots from distributing WorkersWildWest
10. Westside Story – Krótka Historia Zachodniego Londynu (Polish)


1. This mess…

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My review of Women Who Blow on Knots by Ece Temelkuran

lipstick socialist

women who blow

Ece Temelkuran is a Turkish journalist and writer. Her books and writings have taken up issues at the heart of the state of Turkey,  exposing human rights abuses against Kurdish people, the Armenian dispute and, closer to home, the Gezi uprising in 2013.  The atmosphere in Turkey is now toxic for journalists like Ece and, after being fired from her job in 2012,  she moved to Tunisia to write this novel; Women who Blow on Knots.

The title is from the Koran; “The verse begins with a decree..’Keep away from the inauspicious women who blow on knots’. Keep away from the inauspicious enchantresses..For God knows just what we are capable of.”

I have to say I do prefer the  title used in other countries; “What good is a revolution if I cannot dance to it,” referencing anarchist and writer Emma Goldman who believed in the absolute importance of the individual…

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‘Red Rosa’ – A book review

Angry Workers of the World


In an interview, Kate Evans, the author and artist of Red Rosa, admitted that when she was initially approached about it, she did not know who Rosa Luxemburg was. Evans did, however, do meticulous research that informed how her pictures were drawn, and she also used Luxemburg’s own political writings to convey her inner and political life. The book is lively and characterful, its main goal attempting to draw Luxemburg as a whole person. By this, we mean that Evans includes a lot about Luxemburg’s friendships, and her romantic and sexual life, as well as trying to convey her political ideas.

It’s all too easy for writers and historians to focus solely on the public face and achievements of important people; but here, it’s clear that a feminist critique (i.e. ‘the personal is political’) informs Evans’ attempt to show that Luxemburg’s private life is not wholly separate from that which…

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Bristol Set for a VERY active couple of weeks

Bristol Anarchist Federation

We were just about to bang away on the keyboard listing all of the demonstrations, festivities and events coming up in the fortnight. However, we spotted that our friends over at Bristol IWW had just done the same, and we hope they won’t mind us coping their homework. Cheers comrades!

Make it to as many of these as you can – we’ll certainly be there!

This Saturday, the 9th of September, there is an IWW contingent joining the anti-austerity march and rally called by Bristol People’s Assembly and Bristol Labour Party on College Green. Facebook event here. Look for the IWW banner [and the AFed one, probably next to it]

Sadly on the 10th of September, fascists will be descending upon our city from outside Bristol attempting to whip up Islamophobia and hatred. This time we’re dealing with Tommy Robinson front group ‘Gays Against Sharia’…

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