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I recently came across this manifesto from a group of anarchist archaeologists, the Black Trowel Collective. It appears at one point they had a website but the link is currently not working. With neo-liberal apologists for state power like Steven Pinker continuing to garner unwarranted media attention with they inaccurate and biased views of life in non-hierarchical anarchistic societies, it is good to see that there is a growing community of archaeologists and anthropologists who are debunking the potted histories of the contemporary successors to Thomas Hobbes, who argued that without coercive political power and authority to maintain order, life would be nasty, solitary, brutish and short, a view that anarchists have been critiquing since the times of Elisée Reclus and Kropotkin, particularly in the latter’s Mutual Aid. I included excerpts from Kropotkin and Reclus’ works on this topic in Volume Oneof Anarchism: A Documentary History of…

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IBRG Archive at the WCML. Out of Ireland. Six Irish Film Festivals 1988-93

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Out of Ireland was the name given to six Irish Film Festivals that were initiated by the Manchester branch of the Irish in Britain Representation Group  and organised  from 1988 to 1993 with the Irish in Manchester History Group and in collaboration with  the  Cornerhouse Film Centre.

Bernadette Hyland, secretary of Manchester IBRG, explained that “The aim of the Festival was to explore the image and experiences of the Irish through film and video and to look at the way in which Irish groups themselves can control this medium.” An important aspect of the Festivals was exploring contemporary social and political issues through the uses of day schools and speakers.

The Festivals were groundbreaking in raising issues that no other Irish group in Manchester were prepared to raise at this time. This included identity, the experiences of Irish women and second generation Irish young people, the conflict in Ireland and…

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ATTACK INTERNATIONAL – Free Newspaper London 1987.

Our copy is slightly tattered, and having only an a4 scanner at the moment it was great to see a comrade recently upload the pdf. One of the favorite and highly influential papers in our collection….


and the PDF file for you………..    AttackAttackAttack

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#Anathema, Volume 4, Issue 10 released — Enough is Enough!


Anathema: A Philadelphia Anarchist Periodical. Volume 4, Issue 10, November 2018. Originally published by Anathema. Note: Enough is Enough is not organizing any of these events, we are publishing this text for people across the US and Europe to be able to see what is going on and for documentation only. 124 more words

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Movie about the political situation of Kurdistan-Rojava: The defence of Humanity — Internationalist Commune


This is a compilation of different published material about the Kurdish question and the Revolution in Rojava. It shows the terror from Turkish State against the Kurdish and Syrian society and shows in general the history of the women’s movement and the workers party Kurdistan. But it´s not only about “the Kurd’s”, its the question…

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Landauer, On the German Revolution of 1918-19

Passing on the Flame

Revolutionary soldiers at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin 9th November 1918 Revolutionary soldiers at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin 9th November 1918

The German Revolution 1918-19

The Revolutionary Spirit of the Beginnings

The old German Reich no longer exists. It has collapsed in ignominy. Ignominy is revealed when an illusionary power collapses into the dust because there is no one there to stand by it and support it. The fiction of the old Reich was smashed on the rocks of the new powers which expressed their vital force wonderfully, not only tearing down but constructing at the same time, tearing down by building. I am talking about the communal and military democratic movements which began on the north German coast and in western Germany;I am talking about the unheard of originality and egalitarianism with which the dynasties and governments in all of Germany were removed with one blow, about the magnificent, almost humorous ease and naturalness with which the People led by…

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My review of “Wages for Housework A History of an International Feminist Movement 1972-77” by Louise Toupin (2018)

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In this new and fascinating book about the Wages for Housework campaign we are looking back to a period of history when  radical women were redefining  the nature of women’s work and   challenging the role of women in  society.

The author, Louise Toupin, has produced an international history of the Wages for Housework movement which takes us from  Canada to Italy, Germany, Switzerland, USA and  England.

Wages for Housework challenged the overriding view at that time which said that  calling for women’s work in the home to be paid was reactionary and would chain women to the home. Instead they proclaimed that the personal was political,  and in 1972 in the founding manifesto of the International Feminist Collective they  advanced a new definition of class. “This new definition is based on the subordination of the wageless worker to the waged worker behind which is hidden the productivity ie. the exploitation …

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