A message from the collective – venue required!


Dear Comrades,

It looks like the Corn Exchange are planning to do away with the kitchen in their renovations, which would make it an unsuitable venue for our bookfair.

We are therefore looking for another site  for next year’s event. We’ve held bookfairs in Christchurch, Boscombe and Dorchester so will consider anywhere in the county if:

  • We can hire it for 600 quid or less.
  • It’s got space for 20 plus 6′ tables.
  • At least one separate meeting room, ideally two.
  • Cooking facilities.
  • Disabled access.
  • Car parking.
  • We can hold the afterparty there (outside perhaps) or very close by.

A pretty tall order but let us know if anything comes to mind.


The DRB Collective.

My review of “Five Days, Five Nights” by Manuel Tiago (Alvaro Cunhal)

lipstick socialist

Five Days, Five Nights,  was written by Manuel Tiago ( the pen name of Portuguese Communist Alvaro Cunhal)  in the 1950s, whilst he was a prisoner of the fascist regime that ran Portugal for nearly fifty years. The story only takes up fifty nine pages,  a story of a young man, Andre, and his escape from Portugal to Spain.

“Just short of turning nineteen, Andre was forced to emigrate. They raised money for him, they gave him an address in Porto, and they told him passage would be worked out for him across the border to Spain.”

Andre was now following  the path of many people who were forced to escape his homeland and find asylum elsewhere in the world.  In 1960 the author fled the country and lived in Moscow and Paris organising the Portuguese Communist Party  until he returned in  1974 after the fall of the fascist…

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Acrid vol. 1 — Trajectory of an Uprising

Rose City Counter-Info

Acrid vol. 1 — Trajectory of an Uprising is a zine analysis of the uprising in Portland this year that began late May 2020.

Part 1 breaks down and analyses the trajectory of recent revolt in Portland, and Part 2 proposes an alternative approach to break free from that path.

Download, read, print, and share Acrid vol. 1 below:

Acrid reading PDF

Acrid printing PDF

— Acrid Collective

ACRID (ak-rid) adj. extremely or sharply stinging or bitter; exceedingly caustic

This really is the last post!

The South Essex Heckler - Archive

Looking at this now archived blog, it’s clear it had become a bit of a monster. It was trying to be all things to all people and when a project gets like that, it loses clarity and focus. On the one hand, with our posts about the arrogance/incompetence of Thurrock + Basildon councils, we were trying to attract a local audience. On the other hand, with the On Uncertain Ground section plus numerous posts in the main news feed about anything from our thoughts on lockdown to re-blogs from DiY Culture, we were also trying to appeal to an anarchist audience. Maintaining a blog with this range and scope was sapping too much of our energy and it had to come to an end.

There are now two more focused successor projects to this blog.

They are:

The Thurrock and Basildon Heckler

Basically, this blog is run by fed…

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Stuff Your Landlord – Housing Law Guides updated for Coronavirus Act

An injury to one is an injury to all

Knowing the law is useful, because when landlords don’t follow it you can use it against them. But most of the time the law isn’t on our side, and we can’t rely on it to make sure we’re treated fairly. While it should be seen as the floor for basic human decency, it’s usually a ceiling.

If you’ve rented, you’ve probably talked with other tenants about how to deal with a dodgy landlord and survive a market stacked in their favour. Maybe you’ve even gone with a fellow tenant to speak to your landlord about a problem. These conversations and actions are the basis of solidarity.

With this in mind, we’ve created guides providing the basics in housing law, and a primer on why we advocate direct action solidarity over the courts. The state has shown that it will only begrudgingly support tenants, extending moratoriums on evictions for short periods…

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‘Class Power’ – Comments from the organic (battle) fields

Angry Workers of the World

The comments from an organic farm worker below refer to our book ‘Class Power on Zero-Hours’. We love these reflections, as they are an expression of the productive knowledge and creative wealth that exists in the working class today – both in terms of how to organise the class war and how to take-over and transform the means of production. Get involved in the debate!

Dear AngryWorkers!

Finally I get around to actually write you the promised feedback to your book. The only aspects I disagree with, is some aspects about agriculture/horticulture, which relate mostly to potentials of organic production and technological improvements. While reading your book, my impression was, that you definitely did your numbers and research into agriculture/horticulture/primary production and drew based on the researched numbers and evidence logical reasonable conclusions from it. So yes well done, however all those things make sense a bit differently when…

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Order ‘Class Power on Zero-Hours’


Angry Workers of the World

IMG_2066Ammunition for the political autonomy of the working class

Dear comrades,

If you are based in the UK or US you can order the book here:


Those of you who live in EU countries can now order our book ‘Class Power on Zero-Hours’ for 10 Euro plus 4,49 Euro postage. Outside of the EU postage might be slightly more.

If you order 5 or 10 copies both the book and postage will be cheaper.

Just send us an email:


If you want to read the introduction of the book:


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July 1986, the 50th anniversary of the Spanish Revolution, and throughout the world numerous pamphlets, special supplements in papers and magazines, and commemorative articles are being released. Tyneside was no exception.

Issue 7 of the Tyneside Syndicalist had a special 4 page supplement to mark the event, in which parts of we have previously highlighted as it contains a CNT militant interview, which can be viewed in full here…. https://tynesideanarchistarchive.wordpress.com/2018/09/02/cnt-anarchist-militant-interview/

Before we publish the next four issues of the Tyneside Syndicalist, we firstly bring you the supplement. As ever the PDF file is below picture….

“like / love / enjoy / share”

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